Greedilous, South Korea

GREEDILOUS brand is launched in 2012 by designer YOUNHEE PARK. The brand reflects a life of a modern cosmopolitan woman with an infusion of futuristic cutting edge graphics and designs. 

‘Greedilous’ is a combination of the word Greed, and Lous, which means ‘to have it all’. Park wanted to tell people to want it all. Encouraging people to have greed, but greed to learn, greed to develop, greed to invest, rediscover and re-interpret oneself.

"Having it all means a person who has so many abilities, but a hunger for more. Someone who utilizes their abilities to the limit. For me personally, as a designer I wanted to use whatever abilities I had to put that on inner clothing. To project whatever abilities I have into my clothing, into my brand."

YOUNHEE’s diverse experience in materials and industrial design has garnered her the title ‘Queen of Print’. Before founding her own brand Younhee worked in the fashion industry for 15 years for companies like 'Obzee' and 'Hansome'. Her collection utilizes intricate silhouettes with strong visuals while keeping focus on the delicate details that go into everything from print, shape, high quality fabric, to pattern design.

Greedilous women is a women who can express her worth, fabulously, like a perfect diamond and a person with great self esteem.

Greedilous brand was selected to represent Korea at New York Fashion Week through Concept Korea. Her leather jacket from 2016 collection was worn by Beyonce.

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