Organic Bloom by Sonya Vajifdar

Sonya Vajifdar is an Indian designer who reinvents the classics, placing emphasis on exceptional quality dressmaking methods to produce incredible, custom-fitted, high-end designs. The designer herself has been featured in Vogue, Verve, Elle and Grazia in India.

When she first discovered that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, she knew that something had to change. Our mission is to create garments in an ethical manner by paying our workers a fair wage, designing garments that are high fashion but wearable, and using natural fibers when possible.

“Organic Bloom” collection takes forward her sustainable fixation: the brand has launched a limited-edition, 26-piece capsule collection — including corset dresses, ruffled tops, shirt blouses and asymmetrical skirts. The collection is inspired by the French postimpressionist era, especially cubism, in stressing the structural elements latent in nature.

Weaving an artistic colour palette of blue, white, black, red, gold and silver into the collection, Sonya has ensure that every product emulates a principle of sustainability through use of recycled plastic, beverage cans etc. She has used natural dyes and waste fabric for frills and flowers, using 100% organic cotton and organic jersey fabric. It commences an era of “Upcycling” and eco-awareness without compromising on style and elegance.

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