PoshPride, India

A stylist turned designer, Prerna Khetrapal's mantra is simple. She designs clothes that she would wear herself. After successfully transforming everyday wear into unique, statement pieces she launched her own label, Poshpride. 

Her inspiration comes from art, culture, landscapes and most of all contemporary Indian women. 

Prerna’s bohemian urban style is reflected through each new collection; the fusion between the sea, nature and the city is a constant theme within her work and inspirations.

Poshpride is a venture in textural exploration with a focus on unique surfaces, structural shapes and impeccable tailoring.

Every piece is lovingly and deliberately created using hand finished intricate, signature embroidery. Employing local and skilled artisans ensures the highest degree of craftsmanship, quality, devotion and care to every unique piece.

Founded by Prerna Khetrapal in January 2016, PoshPride blends the dramatic with the ordinary to create ensembles that are not only glamorous, but also wearable and a valuable addition to the wardrobe.

The Evening Edit Collection is an exploration of three dimensional textures and surfaces using faux leather, organza, metal and plastic. The idea was to explore commonly seen mundane visuals like florals, trellises, burnt edges and corrosion in a slightly unconventional manner. 

All the textures have been formed with meticulous workmanship. Hundreds of leaves and petals have been cut individually to form three dimensional bouquets and vines. Sequins and stones have been stitched individually by hand at varying heights to add depth to the surface. 

All the pieces are impeccably tailored and understated yet high on shine. Most of the collection is in neutral colours to balance out the champagne, bronze and gold embellishment.

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