Whisper of Nature, Croatia

Whisper of Nature is a contemporary lifestyle brand that brings together beauty and intention, and behind it are young women, yoginis and entrepreneurs from Croatia - Hana Dervović and Sita Skert who share love of natural, beautiful and creative.

From the very beginning in 2013, it has been all about beauty of design, quality natural materials and purpose - energy and positive impact that each product carries. Whisper of Nature products are entirely natural and handmade, imbued with the power and beauty of nature. They promote balance and harmony of body and spirit, and help you reconnect with nature and yourself.

Whisper of Nature bracelets

We have created three product lines that attract positive energy to your life, enrich your living space, and bring you back to the present moment - JEWELRY with gemstones and rudraksha beads to wear for promoting and atracting positive qualities (inner strength, love, confidence, peace, creativity ...); INCENSE with the perfect scent that will create just the right mood; and CANDLES of various colors and design to beautify and brighten your space and accentuate interior design.

Whisper of Nature Candle

In ancient times, wearing crystals and jewels was not only for adornment, it had a deeper purpose since gems have an immense positive impact on our body and mind. That is why we use untreated crystals and rudraksha beads, in that way we can benefit the most from wearing them. All pieces of jewelry are made with love and care, of high quality beads, silver, gold and silk. We like our incense to be completely natural and we use only high quality organic ingredients (herbs, resins, essential oils ...), and in candle making we use eco wax and cotton wick that are not harmful while burning.

Our brand is for people with a conscious lifestyle, who want to live consciously, choose happiness and positivity, and strive to improve life in every aspect. Our products help them to do that as subtle reminders that they wear and have in their living space, reminding them of the positive qualities they want to enhance and attract into their life.

Whisper of Nature inspires and supports you to create the life you want and love, and to live with more focus and joy.

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