Bita Pourtavoosi, United States

Gold-Glass Facets Ear Jacket


Bita Pourtavoosi Gold-Glass Facets Ear Jacket.

Join in on one of the hottest styles right now with our Facets Ear Jacket. So fashionable and chic, these earrings are straight off the catwalks!  Sparkling and eye catching, a small rectangular shape shines from under the ear with a glimmering glass stud to hold it in place. Easy to wear, this earring's length is adjustable.

Bita Pourtavoosi has been creating a name in handmade bridge jewelry for the past five years. Based in the heart of fashion in New York, Bita is constantly developing new ideas that set the scene for upcoming trends.
Growing up in a Persian-Middle Eastern family and community set the tone for her creative exploration through jewelry design. She has always been very stimulated and intrigued by Ancient Egyptian jewelry as well as Middle Eastern motifs.Her fresh and mischievous take on style blends glamour and class with an over the top artistic and creative influence, resulting in an exceptional point of view. Her collections have been featured in domestic and international magazines, worn by celebrities on hit T.V. shows, adorned by models on designer runways and photo shoots, and displayed in stores nationwide.

7 days return policy. Ships from New York City.

Availability: Ships in 7-9 business days.
Gift Wrapping: Available
Height 3.00
Depth 2.00


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